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General Terms of Use

The browsing of this Website as well as any other use of it shall be deemed as an unconditional acceptance of the General Terms of Use.

Use of the website: You are not allowed to use any part of this website, if you do not accept the Terms of Use. The Company is entitled to terminate its operation or to alter significantly its content at any time.
Links: This website contains in various places references to other websites, through the use of special links (hyperlinks). The Company shall not have any liability of any kind, as regards the content of those websites, nor does the Company know, whether this content is in conformance with the relevant applicable legislation.
Intellectual property: The content of this website is subject to copyright protection and is protected by Greek and international laws regarding the protection of intellectual property, including L. 2121/1993 as well as any other applicable provision. The company reserves every right as regards the content of the website.
Non-confidentiality of information and relinquishment of intellectual property rights: without prejudice to the relevant provisions regarding data protection and the respective declaration of the Company that can be found here, the Company shall consider as non confidential any correspondence you send to them by any manner of means, including but not limited to e-mail, communication form etc. The Company reserves the right to use this correspondence, in any way the Company deems appropriate, such as reproduction, commercial use etc, without any obligation for compensation or reward, unless the law explicitly provides for otherwise.
Partial invalidity: The current Agreement remains valid and in force, even if one or more clauses are invalid.
General good faith provision: The “restrictions of use” list is indicative. In view of the fact that this service is provided for free, good faith might impose further restrictions on the ways this website is used.
Applicable Law and Jurisdiction: The Greek Law shall be applicable and the Greek Courts in Athens shall have exclusive jurisdiction for any dispute that might arise of or in connection with the present Agreement. You agree that you renounce to the maximum extend permitted by law your right to use content contained in this Website as evidence.

Personal Data Protection Policy

Olivia’s Villas of Luxury, has created this Website, which you are allowed to use only if you accept the Terms of Use, with a view to providing information to the public and interested professionals.


By using this Website you accept the Terms of Personal Data Protection, including L.2472/1997 as it applies today.

Sensitive Data:

The sending to the Company by you, by any manner of means, including e-mail, of correspondence, of correspondence that contains sensitive data, shall be considered as a written consent. The use of Sensitive data shall be subject to the relevant provisions of L.2472/1997.

Non-sensitive personal data:

The processing (if any at all) of non-sensitive personal data is conducted with the sole purpose of facilitating and optimizing the use of the website. This Website does not require the submission of data that identify or could identify the data subject.

Non transmission to third parties:

The Company shall not transmit to third parties the personal data of the users, without their prior consent and shall not use them for any purpose other than the aforementioned.

Right of access and of modification of data relating to you:

If you wish to review or amend any personal data that refers to you, you can contact the administrator of the Web site at info@villasofluxury.gr