Relaxing holidays by Staying Safe - Certified accommodation with the Health First Safety Protocol

Our action plan complies with the recommendations of Greek National Organization for Public Health.

Main points

  • All members of our staff as well as myself as a general manager of the property and as the coordinator of the plan are following the basic protection measures against COVID-19: following hand hygiene, physical distancing by customers and other staff, in all areas and avoiding to touch the face and keeping a good personal hygiene (covering mouth while coughing and sneezing, frequent hand washing, etc.)
  • The accommodation provides each member of the staff with adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and ensure the adequacy of stock.
  • The member of staff, in the case that they experience symptoms related to the disease, notifying the health care provider of the accommodation, and stay at home.
  • All members of staff check their temperature every morning as part of their individual responsibility.
  • A person with symptoms is excluded from work and returns to work if the laboratory tests results are negative.


  • We are well trained to deal witha suspected case and we are in constant Collaboration with a Doctor, who acts on the instructions of the Greek National Organization for Public Health for the control of COVID-19. Our doctor is trained to monitor the suspected case and its close relatives, as well as to perform the tests.
  • We keep an “Accommodation file and Event Book”. For the purposes of public health protection, the accommodation keeps a record of staff members and all people staying at the property - name, nationality, date of arrival and departure, contact details (address, telephone, e-mail) - , so that it is possible to communicate with these people in the case of any COVID-19 incident.

Services (cleaning, disinfection, housekeeping)

  • Reinforcement of sanitary services in all "high risk" objects and surfaces (eg knobs, door handles, surfaces).
  • Meticulous cleaning and good room ventilation during the time duration between stays.
  • Adequate staff equipment for personal protection (gloves, masks, robe, closed shoes).
  • Cleaning staff use a simple surgical mask (in case of non-availability of a surgical mask, the use of canvas is recommended), gloves. During working hours, the cleaning staff should not touch their mouth, nose or eyes with their hands and should not smoke or eat.
  • Discreet monitoring of customers who have symptoms, and are to be handled by the administration of the accommodation.
  • Non-regular cleaning during the stay (to avoid unnecessary contact of cleaning staff with possible case and further transmission).
  • Meticulous cleaning - disinfection (eg with steam cleaner) of the entire room and bathroom after a guest checks out.
  • Fabric surfaces (eg furniture upholstery) is cleaned with a steam appliance (temperature> 70oC) after a guest checks out.
  • Opening doors and windows for natural ventilation of the space daily.
  • The villa is cleaned after prior communication with the guest and only when the guest is not in the house.


Linen closet - washing machines

  • Strict observance of the rules of hygiene by the personnel involved in the sorting of dirty linen, using the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (gloves and mask).
  • The washing of linen is done in hot cycles (70oC or above) with the usual detergents.
  • Our staff ensures that extra care is taken when storing clean clothing, in good and clean condition.


Pool area

  • Chlorination: proper operation and maintenance of chlorination systems in accordance with current legislation (see Ministerial Decision Γ1/443/1973 as amended by Γ4/1150/76 and ΔΥΓ2/80825/05 and circular on "Prevention of Legionnaires' disease"). We use salt water chlorination system which is the healthiest and non-chemical way to disinfect the pool water ensuring that the level of chloron is the correct one at all times for our guests’ safety.
  • PH adjustment: pH values ​​in the water of recreational water installations should be maintained within the limits provided by current legislation (see Ministerial Decision Γ1/443/1973 as amended by Γ4/1150/76 and ΔΥΓ2/80825/05). We use automated system to ensure that the level of ph is the correct one at all times for our guests’ safety.
  • The sunbeds and tables, are effectively disinfected after the checkout with appropriate COVID 19 disinfectant products.

Air conditioning and space ventilation
Emphasis on non-recirculation of air and natural ventilation of the house. It is strongly advised to prefer natural ventilation of rooms rather than using A/C.